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Cannarium is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal of agricultural sciences, published by Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Khairun. Ternate-Indonesia. The journal is published twice a year, June and December.
E-ISSN: 2774-5201
P-ISSN: 1693-1491

Cannarium journal aims at publishing original, scientifically research articles and article review that describe and explain a wide range of agricultural fields and disciplines including Agronomy, Horticulture, plant breeding, plant protection, Agribusiness, Agroindustry, Food Science, Soil Science, Forestry and Environmental Sciences, bioenergy, Animal Husbandary and other pertinent related to tropical islands-based biodiversity, agricultural sustainability and ecosystem services. The applications of new molecular, microscopic and analytical techniques to understanding and explaining population and community dynamics are also of great interest.
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Cannarium has been indexed by google scholars and is currently on the progress of accreditation process.

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081245216811 (Ir. Lily Ishak.,M.NatRes.PhD)
085646311285 (Angela Wulansari, ST., MP) or email us at or

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