Abdurrahman Hi. Usman, Adi F. Mahmud, Abdulhalim Daud, Suratman Dahlan


The study focuses on the usefulness and the use of language as an instrument to associate a group of people in the society, both in the large and in the small groups to fulfill their everyday needs. They were described in the form of ideas and arguments that were investigated in the form of activities of library research design. The data were collected from many references both primary and secondary ones in terms of the topic. The primary data dealt with the roles and functions of language in terms of the usefulness and the usage of language in society. The findings of the study showed that language is used as an important instrument to connect people in many aspects of human life consisting of language in the world of education, language in the world of science and technology, language in economic and business contexts, language in the social and political contexts, language in the aspects of national defense and security, language and international relation.

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language; language usage; social instrument; social life

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