UV Detection Ion Chromatographic of Thiocyanate and other Inorganic Anions in Urine and Saliva Samples for the Identification of Smokers and Non-smokers

Muhammad Amin


A simple and practical UV detection ion chromatography (IC) method has been developed for the identification of smokers and non-smokers by determining the concentration of thiocyanate ion (SCN), and a number of other inorganic anions, such as S2O32, C2O42, I, IO3, BrO3, NO2, Br and NO3in human physiological fluid samples such as urine and saliva. The method performed sodium hydrogen carbonate as the eluent and combining with IC-Anion PWxl PEEK separation column in all determinations. The determination of SCN and other anions are carried out in ultraviolet detection (lambda, λ=210 nm). Good chromatograms were achieved and all target anions were eluted within 45 min. The detection limits were calculated at S/N=3 were 0.11−1.75 ppm (mg/L). The repeatability values were below 4.82, 4.84, and 4.87% for peak height, peak area and retention time, respectively. The developed method was successfully applied to the determination of all targeted anions especially thiocyanate ion (SCN) in smokers and non-smokers urine and saliva samples. The samples were obtained from healthy adult smoker and non-smoker volunteers

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