Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Composite BiOI-Allophane Gamalama Volcanic Soil

Nur A Limatahu, Indra Cipta, St Hayatun Nur, Indriana Kartini, Yateman Aryanto


Nano composite BiOI-Allophane was successfully
synthesized by using hydrothermal reaction method. The
allophane was isolated from Gamalama volcanic soil by using
Henmi method which modified in accordance with the
availability of laboratory equipments. Isolated allophane was
added into mixtures of 5 mmol Bi(NO3)2 and 5 mmol KI. Acidity
of mixtures was maintained at pH 7 by using NH4OH 2M. The
mixtures was then put into hydrothermal reactor and heated at
180oC for 24 hours. The composite was characterized by using
FTIR, XRD, SEM, and TEM. FTIR spectra shows vibrations
those are characteristic of BiOI and aluminosilica. XRD
difractogram, SEM and TEM were confirmed that BiOI binded
in allophane framework. The size and the form of BiOIallophane
composite is heterogeneous nano-ballabout 5 nm.

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