Implementation of Group Technology Concept on Tourism Information Application at North Maluku Province

Mohamad Jamil, Mohammad Ridwan Lessy, Lisda Ariani Simabur


This study discusses the development of tourism information system in context of asset inventory of tourism destinations at North Maluku Province by implementing the concept of Group Technology. Various data related to tourism will be grouped by using classification and coding. Group Technology has several advantages for identifying the various components which are then grouped into a small group based on common component design and manufacturing. By applying the Group Technology would be associated with standardization of design and minimize duplication of the design. Data stored in the database will be easily managed by administrators, and the planning process will more quickly and efficiently. The process of data grouping due to step:  a). selecting a number of sample data, b). identify and construct encoding, c). grouping data based on the similarity of tourism, and d). analysis and code examine, to ensure that the data have been grouped according to its code. The result shows that the integration of web-based tourism information system with the concept of group technology can be used to assist manager in data management and information to tourists or visitors.

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