Analysis of Ca2+ and Fe2+ Ions in Ngade Water and Tolire Lake Water Ternate, North Maluku

Fadlan Muin, Muhammad Amin, Saras Wati Banapon


This study aims to obtain optimal and valid conditions for the analysis of inorganic ions Ca2+ and heavy metal Fe2+ and the comparison between inorganic ions Ca2+ and heavy metal ions Fe2+ contained in the water of Lake Ngade and Lake Tolire, using ion chromatography and UV-Vis spectrophotometry. This type of research is experimental laboratory. Based on the results of the research, the concentrations obtained from Ca2+ ions and Ca2+ ions are for the highest concentration of Ca2+ ions in Lake Ngade water at 1.259 ppm, Big Tolire Lake water at 3.410 ppm and Small Tolire Lake water at 6.154 ppm. Meanwhile, the highest concentration of Fe2+ ions is in Lake Ngade water at 5.606 ppm, Big Tolire Lake water at 5.500 ppm, and Small Tolire Lake water at 5.379 ppm.


Ca2+, Fe2+, Ion chromatography, Ngade Lake, Tolire Lake

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