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The research is entitled Reference in Narrative Texts. Writer investigates hypothesis focused on reference usage.  The reference is as a part of cohesive devices in grammatical cohesion, and narrative is a mode of genre in text. The research is developed in distribution and frequency in cohesive device. The objectives of this research are to analyze and describe (1) entities or piece of informations appear or refer to the same referent; (2) reference as indicator genre; and (3) accurance and distribution of links  within a text and a group of texts. In 120 cohesive ties, (1) Non-Possessive Personal Reference occupies the first ranking. The data indicates 56 cohesive ties, (2) Demonstrative Reference occupies the second ranking. The data indicates 45 cohesive ties; and (3) Comparative Reference occupies the last ranking. The data indicate 6 cohesive ties. It means in the narrative text, the Comparative Reference is rarely used. The writer adopted theories of Halliday and Hassan and Wendy Swanson to establish relationship within a text. These are appropriate with the analyzed texts as they have given comprehensive and adequate treatment of the subjects; besides that, He consider other theories like Ann M. Johns, Megan Watkins, Linda Gerot and Peter Wignell, and some others.  Further research can involve in different text, such as:  expository text, report text, spoof text, explanation text, news item text, analytical and hortatory text, and etc. because genres vary.

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cohesive device; reference items; narrative text

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