Pembuatan Vidio Dokumenter Salai Jin Di Desa Sidangoli Gam Sebagai Wadah Mempromosikan Parawisata Di Kabupaten Halmahera Barat

Anwar Nada, Rustam Hasim


The Salai Jin dance is a dance originating from North Maluku. This dance is one of the traditional rituals that has high traditional and philosophical values for the Sidangoli indigenous people of West Halmahera Regency. For the Sidangoli people, this dance is considered a dance that has a magical value that is used to communicate with the jinn that has been preserved since ancient times. Apart from that, the Salai Jin dance is also a youth dance which depicts the meaning of traditional medicine by summoning spirits to heal the sick. There are an even number of dancers in this dance, both men and women who dance in groups.

Preservation of the Salai Jin Dance in Sidangoli Gam Village through documentary videos is a visual video work that tells real stories / everyday phenomena. "The material can be in the form of social concerns, inspiring social experiences and flashbacks of events that have occurred. The making of this documentary video on the preservation of the salai jin dance was made to introduce one of the cultures in North Maluku, especially in Sidioli Gam Village, which is in West Halmahera, Jailolo District. South. The initial process of this activity itself was carried out by compiling what cultural items you wanted to display in the documentary video and then conducting interviews with traditional elders about the culture in Sidioli Gam village. The aim of this program itself is that we hope that the community will get to know more in about the culture of the salai jin dance and a brief history of Sidioli Village, West Halmahera District, South Jailolo District.

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